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Now Broadband Issues

Good Evening All,

Unfortunately I've just had my first bad experience of Now TV broadband support after speaking to fantastic support staff in the past the guy I've spoken with this evening just would not listen when I was trying to assist and unfortunately kept blaming my router and number of clients.

So it's a strange one. We had an issue where our now TV streaming box displays an oops message when we try to watch anything due to a sign in issue.

When we try to sign in to the now TV website from any browser from any device on our network running over the now broadband we get an error. The error appears where the sign in box would normally appear. This error is "Unable to load signin, please try again later". As they have occured at the same time this lead me to believe these issues are related.

I have done the following:

Rebooted the router: No Success

Rebooted the now tv box: No Success

Changed the DNS servers on my laptop to and No success so it does not appear to be a DNS issue.

Tried the now tv box and laptop to sign in to the website over 4G tethering...and on the browser on my mobile phone. Both the now streaming box and website work over my it does point to broadband.

So I then tried the NowTV website and Now streaming box over my VPN...I set the VPN server to Nottingham (this is also my location) and the services still did not work (including signing into the NOWTV website).

I then tried to set my VPN location to Manchester/London and Leeds all of which my streaming box and the NOWTV website worked on. Like I mentioned before these would not work both on my NowTV connection in Nottingham without a VPN and also when the VPN server was set to Nottingham. Would anyone else agree that this looks like an issue with the Openreach network in the Nottingham area? Also if so how do we get this raised to be investigated properly instead of going through the processes of a router replacement etc when this certianly doesn't appear to be the issue.

If anyone from the Now TV support team could also respond that would be brilliant, this is my last hope as we are without our streaming service at present which we are paying for. And it would be nice if our diagnostics were taken seriously instead of blaming kit which obviously isn't to blame. (They also tried to blame the fact I have 23 devices (mostly smart home devices which use very little traffic) on the LAN). Come on NowTV I moved my broadband over to you after rubbish support from VM...don't make me regret my decision. Surely if we are willing to provide you with all this information it should be used to assist you not ignored.


Thanks in advance all,

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@Anonymous User

Hi Bruce, thanks for getting in touch with us regarding this.. As we cannot access your account here on the fourm and run the required tests we would need to run to check this for you in more detail, please get in touch with our technical department so that we can do these checks, You can find the number in your account under the 'broadband and calls' section.