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Not getting speeds promised

How do we get in contact with this human communication dodging company?
Been clicking all around trying to find a way to talk to a human and it seems mythical at NOWTV

Basically am not getting the minimum speeds promised and unable to get a reply from them.6

If unable to get resolved then will be cancelling my direct debit and not paying them for any further service as they have already breached the contract.

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Are you using wifi or Ethernet? For wifi have you tried splitting the bands?

How long have you been a customer, longer than 10 days?

To call the broadband team you, see the number from the link below.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Ethernet essentially, box is on a 2m cable from the unit.
Only got this installed start of Jan (More than 10days ago)
Thank you Gav, have made contact just now and was not much help at all, but that is down to the customer services team not having any idea what I was asking for.

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Just so you know, the guaranteed speed is to the router, not the devices you may be using.

With a wired (ethernet) connection it should be about 10% less than the sync speed, however Wi-Fi connection speeds can be very variable.

Broadband download and upload speeds explained (