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Not achieving minimum guaranteed download speed on Super Fibre after 10 days

Hi all, I'm after some help please. Pls note this is about download speed being achieved at router, it is not wifi related.


It's been about 13 days since I joined Now and I am not getting the minimum guaranteed download speed on my Super Fibre package. For 12 days I left the router plugged in 24/7 for DLM to do its job - during that period I had no dropped connections and the download speed (according to Now on my account and also on the router) remained rock steady at 28.8MBs, the guaranteed speed was 30.1MBs.


During this 12 day period, the Noise Margin dB was around 6dB, but towards the end it did appear to stablise at around 5dB, which I assumed was DLM doing its job.


On day 12, at approx 1030am, I decided to disconnect the connection and reboot the router to go for a resync.  The connection resynced at 29.3MBs with a Noise Margin of 6dB, which was still below the minimum guaranteed speed.


Has anyone had this issue, and if so, can anyone recommend what I need to ask NowTV to do to improve my download speed at the router.  When I was with TalkTalk, the advisor would play with the profiles to improve speeds, so assume Now will do the same?


I know I need to call NowTV to sort this, but grateful for any comments and assistance to avoid going round the houses when I actually speak to someone.


Thanks 🙂 

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@Anonymous User  Did you not read the post before yours. @AnStFo123 has had the problem solved, and is now a very happy bunny.


@AnStFo123 You obviously had the problem while you were on TalkTalk, shame you were unable to get it fixed while there.