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Not achieving minimum guaranteed download speed on Super Fibre after 10 days

Hi all, I'm after some help please. Pls note this is about download speed being achieved at router, it is not wifi related.


It's been about 13 days since I joined Now and I am not getting the minimum guaranteed download speed on my Super Fibre package. For 12 days I left the router plugged in 24/7 for DLM to do its job - during that period I had no dropped connections and the download speed (according to Now on my account and also on the router) remained rock steady at 28.8MBs, the guaranteed speed was 30.1MBs.


During this 12 day period, the Noise Margin dB was around 6dB, but towards the end it did appear to stablise at around 5dB, which I assumed was DLM doing its job.


On day 12, at approx 1030am, I decided to disconnect the connection and reboot the router to go for a resync.  The connection resynced at 29.3MBs with a Noise Margin of 6dB, which was still below the minimum guaranteed speed.


Has anyone had this issue, and if so, can anyone recommend what I need to ask NowTV to do to improve my download speed at the router.  When I was with TalkTalk, the advisor would play with the profiles to improve speeds, so assume Now will do the same?


I know I need to call NowTV to sort this, but grateful for any comments and assistance to avoid going round the houses when I actually speak to someone.


Thanks 🙂 


These are the details in router:

roadband LinkDownstreamUpstream
Connection Speed (Kbps)293425283
Line Attenuation (dB)DS1:17.8    DS2:45.9    DS3:73.3US0:3.2    US1:37.4    US2:55.2
Noise Margin (dB)DS1:5.6    DS2:5.6    DS3:0.0US0:6.0    US1:6.1    US2:0.0


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The first thing to ask, is the minimum download you are quoting the one given when you signed up?

Next you need to know what Openreach believe your line to be capable of, you can find that here: 

BT Broadband (


Are you connected to the Master socket, and not using a telephone extension cable?

What speed did you have with TalkTalk, it should be similar on Now.



The minimum guaranteed download i am quoting (30.1MBs) is the one given to me when I signed up. I am connected directly to the Master Socket NTE5c Mk 2 and no using a telephone extension cable. The TalkTalk speed I was getting was actually slighly lower than what I'm getting now (it was 28.8MBs).


Having checked the BT wholesale website its a bit confusing but the figures quoted all look to be well above the minimum guaranteed speed.


Looks like I'll try customer services, unless DLM magically increases my sync speed in the next few days!


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With the SNR figures you have it is unlikely that DLM will increase the speed as you obviously have a long line.


The fact the speed you are getting is higher than with TalkTalk means, unless a fault is found and corrected in your line, you are unlikely to get more.


All FTTC suppliers are reliant on the Openreach line for their possible speeds, so are not likely to vary much between them.


If you could post a picture of the BT wholesale results (obscure any personal info) we may be able to guess if it is worth trying to get Now to call out Openreach, but be aware Openreach are unlikely to do much if the hand back figure is exceeded, as they are due to rip out all the copper by 2025.


Do you know when your area should get FTTP? Fibre First: Your future with broadband | Openreach



@Anonymous User 


Does anybody know when Now are going to start selling FTTP?


Do Sky offer it?

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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@RoyB I personally don't know when (or even if) Now will start selling it. Sky certainly do.

Optical Network Terminal | Sky Help |




NowTV have agreed that minimum download speed of 30.1MBs not attained on the line and that it should be capable of higher speeds - apparently line length approx 820m. BT Openreach currently investigating this morning, so will feedback on what is found later this week.




BT Openreach checked line at the master socket and found nil issues or noise and that they didnt think the speed could be improved. However, I asked if they'd mind double checking the line and they agreed to check line speeds at the junctions all the way back to the cabinet. The reult was that the engineer found an issue with the pair of cables to my property and swapped them over at the cabinet to a different pair and the net result was an increase in download speed from 28.7MBs to 44.8MBs and a doubling in upload speed.  Also, the line attenuation has reduced from 17.8 to 15.5.


Very happy customer and getting well above the 30.1MBs minimum download speed promised by NowTV.

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Hi, I had a similar issue. The best way to resolve the issue is move to another provider. 


I cancelled my broadband and moved to EE. I've not a single issue since. 


I hope this helps.