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Nokia Beacon



Does anyone know if it's possible to use the Now TV Broadband Hub as purely a modem and instead use my Nokia Beacon Mesh WiFi router system? 


Thank you 

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Re: Nokia Beacon



There is no modem-only mode on the NowTV router.


It has been suggested that it would be enough to turn off DHCP on the Now router.


I have had a look at your Beacon thingy, though, and it sounds incredibly picky, and proprietary, about what it will and won’t work with, so you might want to ask this question of Nokia also.


Researching a different query on this Community, I was looking at Tenda Mesh systems, and it looks like these might extend the WiFi reach of the Now router; the base device connects to the router by Ethernet, so all you would have to do with the Now router is maybe turn its WiFi off. And maybe not even that, if the WiFi on the router augmented, rather than clashed with, the Mesh WiFi.


So this might be a straightforward solution to the execrable WiFi performance of the Now routers; but alas, the OP in the other thread seems to have ceased posting, so I can’t ask them to try it 😢



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