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No technician arrived

Good  morning, 

I need a bit of assistance. On the 29th September a technician was suppose to come and set up my broadband, nobody came. I took off work and waited the entire day. Not a phone call or message. Nothing!  I accessed my account and it indicates technician visit completed and successful. That is untrue. I do  not know what to. I am on the phone presently, waiting to speak to someone. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Lin85 

Is there a telephone line and master socket already fitted in the home ?

If so have you already checked the telephone line for a tone dial and have you already hooked up the NOW Hub Router to see if the three green lights are on the front of the Router which means you are good to go and live (just in case the work was only needed to be undertaken by the BT Openreach Engineer at the street cabinet).

Being a customer just like you, all you can do is keep pestering NOW.