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No outbound calls

I can't make any outbound calls on my landline. I have double checked with another phone and that doesn't work either. I have 3 lights on my router which is correct. Can someone help me please as I am 94 and need my phone desperately!

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Have you got access to a Mobile or a working phone from a Neighbour or Friend to give the NOW Broadband Team a call ?


If so, use the telephone number from this link page below.


If you haven't got access to a working phone, then maybe drop NOW a message using the web form on the same link page below and when you message them explain you can't make any outgoing calls and see if they will phone you directly back (assuming you can receive incoming calls) and on the message give them has much information as possible including what telephone number to ring you back on.


Hope you get it sorted, but sounds it may need an Engineer visit.