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Re: No internet

hi, I have exactly the same problem, my live date was the 6th too and although my phone line is now working there is no internet. Watching this post for an uodate

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Re: No internet

I have the same issues.

Firstly, i was expecting the engineer today tk set the hub up.  No one knocked my door but apparently someone did the works outside without bothering to let me know he was in my garden.

I then called NOW TV (i was in the queue for 55 minutes) and informed me that I'll have an internet connecr by midnight today. Well, it's already passed midnight and there is no wifi.

I want to stress the fact that I've been waiting for the engineer visit since the day I moved (over a half a month ago) and I have already slent £30 on mobile data. This is due to the fact that I am a student and internet is a must... I ve also spent money on bus tickets to get to the university's library where I could have wifi...

I cannot wait for another half a month for the connection to work... Neither I have more money to spend on mobile data and bus fares...

Please help