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No internet all day



woke up this morning and internet wasn’t working, tried resetting router without any luck. Slightly irritating so went out to work. When I got home this evening it’s still not working, tried to reset a second time with no luck. The internet light on the router is off and the other two are green. 

It’s recorded as down since 7am on my service status, it’s seemingly near impossible to get hold of NOW, how long can I expect it to be down for? And should I expect NOW to contact me?

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Elite 3

Have you called the broadband support team on 0330 041 2518? NOW don't offer any direct support here on the community I'm afraid. 

Expert 2

See above, and give them a call.

If im in that sort of situation i  like to know why its down, has there been any work recently in the area?


I would contact them on the number in the link below. Whether that goes to the same team as the number above, I have no idea.