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No internet after activation date

Activation date was supposed to be 2nd October but by the end of the day there was no internet. I contacted now TV on the 3rd and was told that there was an issue with the line and this has been referred to tier who would be in touch within 72 hours. Currently still waiting to hear from them and now TV told me the issue is still 'in the queue' with tier 2.


Very frustrating as wife and I both work from home. We are paying for extra mobile data so we can tether laptops to mobiles. 


Does anyone have any experience of how quickly these issues get resolved? Can we claim any compensation?

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Re: No internet after activation date


@Anonymous User 

The only way to know if you can claim for compensation is to get in touch with a member of staff ideally over the phone. 


When I was a Now TV broadband customer this is number I used to call them 0330 041 2460


If not I would then recommend using the Live chat.


1. NOW TV account & payments

2. Cancelling or renewing NOW TV Passes

3. Drop down 'How to get in touch'

4. Live Chat


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