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No internet AGAIN!!

Seriously no broadband/nowtv again! I have done a full reset 3 times and still getting a orange light, done the technical checks and surprise surprise no problem detected 😵☹️ it's not even funny😡

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Re: No internet AGAIN!!




Well Katie


The only way to get things done is to make your displeasure known to the right people, phone NOW broadband on the following number:-



0800 759 1213



UK Bob


Re: No internet AGAIN!!

Appently this also means you can't log onto your router plus I have a DNS issue where I often have to reload pages ( this since I joined in December ) but they can't look at it because of the outage.

Problem is I'm on the internet now but that doesn't count as their technical help seems to be an agent reading a prepared script. One thing further I was told if I had problems overnight to ring them, no answer when I pointed out they were only available between 8am and 11 pm. Certainly not renewing and will be looking at ceasing early due to bad service and lack of technical help.

                            Retired       Worldwide internet and router engineer for Motorola.

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