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No go live date for broadband

I have ordered my broadband on 12th September, and was given a provisional date at 23rd September. However, no kit is received and red box (overdue payment) on the tech check page . I have contacted via live chat, staff saying there’s a openreach issue and has escalated to tier 2 team. What should I do now, should I cancel the subscription before going live?

they claimed that the kit delayed due to openreach issue. How?

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Re: No go live date for broadband

Yeah exact same issue here, my engineer was supposed to turn up yesterday (24/9/19) and didn't show or call to say he wasn't coming. I spoke to someone on the live chat and he said it'd take up to 72 hours for someone "from tier 2" to contact to start the process of fixing. I've decided I'll wait the 3 days but if I get another 3-5 days wait I'm leaving. I am sick, of the lack of contact between customers and everyone else. 


Also you guys have 2 weeks before our go live date, why does no-one come out to check whether it'll work beforehand, or is that what my non-existent engineer was supposed to do?


Who knows? But I personally am extremely annoyed. 


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