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No dial tone for landline, but broadband still working



I've had no dial tone on the landline for a few days now but the broadband is working fine?


Done the usual checks of trying a new phone, using the master socket and other methods suggested but to no avail?


Unfortunately with the live chat understandably down I am not sure what the best option is now?


If anyone can offer some help or advice I would be most grateful as a few pensioners have my landline number and I am helping them with shopping / care during this difficult time for us all. 


Thank you for any help



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Exactly the same problem here.  How can I message, email or call the support centre when the chat is down?





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Hello Chris,


I have the same problem and went through all the checks but was given a Freefone number, unfortunately it would take an hour before they answered. I had already spoken to Openreach who advised that the problem was theirs and to contact my provider NOW to get the problem resolved. NOW know there is a problem so why do I have to contact them, they are the service provider not me.

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Same here. No dial tone all of a sudden. But the broadband is working. I can’t find any way to contact NOW on this. I have logged a complaint. But I can’t see anything else to do .  Help please for an on their own OAP. 

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Same here,  I am self isolating and don't have a mobile!


Hi Chris’s

I had exactly the same problem today.

like you I did all the usual checks. I ended up phoning the help desk. I  did wait over an hour but said they would send an engineer to check the line outside, as that is were the problem was. 

I know it’s a nuisance but you will have to get in touch with the help desk

Good luck


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What’s the Help Desk telephone number?

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Same problem here but just with incoming calls. What the help line number please. Am on higher risk and supposedly needing help during this crisis but not getting anywhere with NowTV. 

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Same here. Land line is not working, and expecting calls. Im in a mobile phone coverage blindspot, hence unable make calls. 😕


My Account/Broadband & calls/Moving House shows the number that NowTV Broadband customers should ring for help with broadband and phone issues.


You may have to hang on for a bit, but the line is manned.

Please note that I am just a customer like you, and my advice may well be worth no more than exactly what you paid for it.

Roy B

Thanks for advice shall try what you advised.

Thought I was switching from Vodafone for a cheaper deal.

Guess that's what I now have in poor service.

Could actual chat and do guided checks live with Vodafone.

This outfit make it difficult to resolve a problem.

Is this rip off Britain ?

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@anonymouse wrote:

Is this rip off Britain ?

Hardly. You changed to save money, and you are unhappy with the service.

Where is the rip off? You were not paying a great deal with Vodafone. They and Now are two of the lowest priced suppliers. Chasing the lowest price is never without risk.