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No broadband, no new activation date given and no help from anyone at now tv

I set up my NowTV broadband account on the 29th of June, and was informed that i would have my broadband activated on the 9th of July, this date then changed to the 10th of July. On the 10th i spent most of my day on live chat with advisors who assured me that there were no issues on their part, my part or openreach's part and my broadband would go live that day. At 10:30pm i was told that it would go live either before midnight, yet at midnight my broadband still wasn't live. At 8am on the 11th of July i checked my service status as i still had no broadband, and all it kept saying was i was overdue on a bill, which i dont understand as my card details are correct, the money is in the account. After around 2 hours this changed and it just wouldnt load my service status. I rang the service line and was then told there needed to be 'additional works on the line' and that this issue was given to the Tier 2 team, for then which i asked for a contact number and i could not be provided with one and that they would get back to me within 48 hours to update me. When i enquired about cancelling my contract because i have not received the service i was promised, i was told i would have to wait until the process was complete, and i am unable to switch to a different provider until this is complete. After reading similar posts on here it looks like i could be waiting up to 3 weeks and therefore the "cooling off period" will have been and gone and i will be unable to get out of this contract without paying for openreach's and NowTVs problems. 

First of all this just isnt good enough, if i'm given an activation date then this should be complied to by NowTV, or i should at least be able to contact the Tier 2 team to find out what is going on. I have paid over £20 on extra data for my phone as i am a university student and need the internet to complete assignments as my library is now closed for the summer. 

I am hoping posting on here will give me better answers than im getting from advisors who are clearly just reading from a script and providing no help. I want to know what is the exact problem with activating my broadband, how long it will take before this is fixed and if it is not fixed whether i will be able to cancel without being charged as i have not used to service. I wish i had gone with Virgin Media as they already claimed they could install and set up my wifi within 3 days, rather than waiting 3 weeks for NowTV to sort this out!

Really poor customer service overall from NowTV so far, if my broadband isnt set up within the next few days i will be looking into my rights to cancel, and leaving NowTV for a more reliable service. I refuse to pay money for a service i havent used and i refuse to pay any money to cancel when my broadband isn't even set up yet! Even more ridiculous that i cant cancel until the process is complete because that could be weeks from now.

Had really high hopes for NowTV but i've been proven wrong and really wish i had done my research before signing up, would have saved me a lot of time, money and headaches!

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Personally I’d cancel and go with virgin, as they operate on their own network and don’t use bt lines the work that openreach have to do will not affect you.  If this is what they are like at the beginning of your contract theres no telling how bad the service can get.