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New customer - hub 2 broadband still not working

Hey all,

I'm new to Now and two days on my broadband still isn't working. Was meant to be activated on Friday, it's now Sunday night and nothing. I work from home so am reliant on the internet.

I hoped it was a service issue in my area but my account won't let me check this even though it says I've successfully received/installed everything. How do I get this sorted? The help centre has nothing relevant which is infuriating.


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Hi @Anonymous User

I am guessing you have tried pressing the reset button on the back of the router ?

Would suggest calling the nowtv broadband team by signing into the nowtv website on here and click on My Account > "Broadband & Calls" and click on the section "under moving home" which should reveal a telephone number.

Anonymous User
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Thanks Schnapps, yes I'd tried resetting with no luck. Currently on hold to them... (again). Thanks for pointing out where that phone number was - hard to find!