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New broadband order not gone live still after 10 days - cut off from old provider!

I'm currently not having a great experience switching to NowTV Broadband.


Placed the order which was due to go live on the 5th April. Engineer disconnected our old Sky broadband, which we have had for years, then came to the house and said he couldn't complete the new connection due to an issue. He then left without any further explanation, how long it was likely to take etc.


I called Now TV to find out what was going on and told this was logged with Tier 2 and an update would be available later, but it was an issue that had been handed to Openreach to resolve. Called day after day, to be told that I'd get an update on the 15th (today).

Called again today to be told no update was available, but that it likely would be after 6.30pm or tomorrow.

Apparently there is no way for Now TV technical support to contact Tier 2 for an update or escalate an issue, other than wait for an update on the system. So here we are 10 days after the broadband was to go live, with not a clue what the actual problem is, and 'maybe' I might get an update later today or tomorrow.

No idea when we will actually get service!


Surely it would be sensible to check that the service can be provided before cutting off our current service and leaving us with no broadband whatsoever? We have a disabled, bedbound person in the household who relies on the Internet for contact with the outside world, carers etc, and this is causing major issues. 

Nobody at Now TV has any idea what the problem is, can't or won't contact Tier 2 or Openreach, so we are totally in the dark!

Seen as we had broadband with Sky over the same phone line, I really do not understand why there should suddenly be a problem.


I'm at a loss as to what to do now. I certainly would recommend people avoid Now TV if they want any kind of decent service. Oh and that's not even mentioning how difficult it is to get a contact phone number to actually speak to a person. It's 0800 7591213 for the benefit of anyone searching.

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Glad you have a service back again, but it all sounds very strange. If an Openreach engineer was required at all, it would be at the street cabinet or exchange, and why on earth he would cut the wires at the house I can't possibly imagine.



I'm having same problem. Engineers only get the Jobs that morning of the work day. My engineer said he's not coming as our company are giving them Jobs they unable to do and they're getting hassle for it. He said he's step 11 and step 9 not done yet. He said that the exchange don't have the TAM for the work to be connected yet and could take week's. Now was meant to call this morning but like the shambles they are they didn't ring when they said they would 


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