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New Customer - off to a bad start, no phone

I have received modem/hub. On requested day I have plugged in and followed instructions. Broadband is working but no phone. It is not a TV package just "Brilliant" (ha,ha) landline and broadband. My account is set up but when I look at installation it thinks I am waiting to receive modem. There seems to be zero logical advice anywhere and I've tried all of the automated chat stuff which just goes round in circles. Don't Now actually have any proper human support??!! Can't even find what my own phone number is supposed to be anywhere in my account details !!
Anybody help?

Elite 2

What service did you have at the property before, or is this a brand new install, where you have just moved in, or moved form someone like Virgin?

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The property previously had Talktalk landline and broadband modem. Do you know how I can find out what the new landline number is in the account and I am surprised no response from NOW, although as there is currently nobody in the flat to check it I don't know if it has been fixed or not.