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Network Printer Problem

I've just changed my ISP from Vodafone to NowTv. I have a large format printer that I plugged into the LAN on the back of the Vodafone hub and it worked fine.

Since I've set up the NowTV Hub Two, I can only print via the Wifi to the printer. I've logged into the Hub ( with a view to seeing if there's something I can do to resolve.

Wondering if the Firewall might be the prob. Any suggestions anyone.  Printer was set up on IPv6.


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Didn't receive a response on this so decided to try and resolve myself. First off I decided to ditch the Now TV modem/router. Was v disappointed that Now TV don't support such a move by providing the data needed to successfully implement. That said, there are a few kind souls who have already been through this and posted the method I needed online. I went for the TP-Link AC2800 modem router as my solution. Came with full instructions and using the info I'd already printed off I had the router in place and working within 15 mins of plugging everything in.

Next step, get the printer working on the local network. Used Canon's set up disk and once again printer installed and tested in less than 15 mins. When I used it with the Now TV router it just wouldn't pick up the printer. There's something in the Now set up that fails the install.

Also set the CCTV at the house so I can see what's happening back home when I'm away. Have other remote options that I plan to explore including setting up a server for my photographic needs.

Basically, What I've learned throughout this process? Have the confidence yourself to install and indie modem/router. Also, use the web as there's plenty of folks tried it before. Also, be sure to ask the right questions when moving ISP providers. I'd probably still have moved to Now TV, but would have saved myself worry and pain, had I known in advance what I was getting in to.

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My Epson 3100 worked ok but then stopped receiving signals from my laptop pc.

I`ve tried all I know without success. The printer prints a test page ok.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


See if typing "Printer" in the NowTV Community search box comes up with any hit results and suggestions on things to try.