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Netgear Modem/Router with Now TV Broadband

Is it possible to replace the standard NowTV Broadband Modem/Router with another? I have recently switched from BT Broadband, which allowed me to easily swap out the BT Home Hub with a Netgear Nighthawk Modem/Router... allowing me to get much better wifi coverage around my house. However, it doesn't appear to be as easy with NowTV. In order to set my Nighthawk up to use Sky broadband - I'm required to enter a broadband username and password, but I'm told that NowTV do not provide such a thing, without which it just won't seem to connect up.

I'm told that it's possible to hook up the Nighhawk as just a router, working with the NowTV modem... but I'd very much like to avoid having multiple devices all rigged up.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Netgear Modem/Router with Now TV Broadband

@gobes Welcome to the forum. While there are ways around it NOW TV originally didn't allow other routers to be connected to the service. They've since removed that clause from the terms but they don't provide the information required to allow you to use a third-party router, and as a result it's a grey area whether discussion on how to set up a third-party router is allowed on the forum. 


To be on the safe side I'll tag @Karl-F the Community Manager who can advise whether how to do this can be discussed on the NOW TV forum or not. If not, you'd need to search/enquire on other forums instead. 

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Re: Netgear Modem/Router with Now TV Broadband

Im using below. Where the number is the mac address of the nowtv router they sent me. Im using a tp-link ac1200

User name 7050AFC53938@skydsl

Password 7050AFC53938

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