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Netgear D7000 Nighthawk Router setup

Hi all,

I have NowTV Fibre, I have a Netgear router D7000 Nighthawk, I was hoping to replace my current NowTV router but I am having problems with the setup.


First steps I have followed, Copy the MAC address from the NowTV router, then setup the Netgear router, using ADSL2 PTM, automatic dns and specified the Mac address as the same as the one from the nowTV router.


When I try this, it doesn't work, it's unable to connect, I even tried to use the 'sky' predefined profile and still didn't work.

I tried specifying the dns etc from the nowTV router, just as a test and no packets are received.


I tried the Netgear wizard, but that was pretty bad as it suggested I was connected to PPPOE and must specify a username and password, which I know is not the case(from other posts on here).


Not sure if anybody else has had any luck with the same router? or maybe a variation of this router.


I really don't want to piggy back the NowTV router with my Netgear router(also has a nice feature of turning off the LED's, unlike the NowTV router).

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Hi @Anonymous User,


Were you able to get this working? I'm running into a similar problem on the same router. It won't connect even after copying the MAC address.


Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

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Nope sorry mate, this forum is useless.


in the end, I’m currently just using the now tv router with this router connected via Ethernet.


Perhaps a little late but I have got this router working with my NOWTV service, after a bit of internet searching it was fairly straightforward.

I started off by running the D7000's connection wizard at routerlogin, this actually failed at first but one of the prompts suggested I try the MAC address of a device that had successfully connected before. So I entered the MAC address of my NOWTV router.

 I was scratching my head a bit here looking at the settings because most posts here talk about using MER, Option 61, and a username and password for the connection and I either couldn't see options for this or couldn't get them to make a difference.

Then I read a comment on the Netgear forums about re-running the Wizard.

"Voila" - this time around it auto-detected DHCP and asked for the Option 61 entry. I used "sky", and it worked.

Connected to the internet as soon as the wizard finished doing it's thing.

I suspect that the quickest way to get connected with this router is to use your previously-connected NOWTV router's MAC address, run the wizard, and use "sky" as the value for Option 61 when prompted.

No username, no password, no need to select Sky_(MER) as the network. Surprisingly straightforward in the end.

Unfortunately this hasn't solved the other problems I was having but I do have a much more customisable router now.