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Need to contact now tv

So I've just got now tv broadband and phone and it was meant to go live today yet they haven't took payment and it hasn't gone live. Has anyone got some way of getting in contact with someone about this please

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

Your live broadband activation could happen any time up until midnight.

Just leave the hub router switched on and wait for the 3 green lights on the front of the router to show, then you should be good to go.

When you go to My Account > Bills & Payments does it show anything yet.

When i signed up to nowtv broadband the first payment was taken out of my bank account about 7 to 10 days late and with sisters nowtv broadband account, nowtv only took 99 pence for the first month and the next following month the outstanding balance owed by my sister was added to next month payment.

If your broadband doesn't go live by midnight tonight, then call the broadband team first thing tomorrow morning.

You can find the number by going to Orders & Appointments on here and click on the drop down arrow below live broadband date to reveal a contact phone number.