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Need to access work vpn

I need to access my work vpn as I am currently working from home.  Work cannot see a problem at their end, so I am working through the router options.


I HAVE TRIED - 1) adding work webpages to allowed sites in broadband buddy  2) disabling broadband buddy 3) turning off the Ipv6 firewall on the router.  I still cannot access work vpn and would like to know if there is anything left to try.


If I cannot get access then I will leave nowtv for another provider.

1 Solution

OK, reporting back.


My manager opened up several different vpn protocols for my account and sent the IP addresses for the servers as well. 


I turned broadband buddy back on and set it to 18+. I went back into the security>firewall rules section of the hub 2 and turned all the firewall options back on.


I then added Inbound service rules for all the available IPv4 vpn protocols so that the action is always allow and the Lan user was set the the prefered vpn server's ip address. (Log is still set to 'never').


Of the 3 protocols available (IPSec, L2TP and TTPT), I found the only protocol that worked was the PPTP, but I am now able to connect to my work's VPN.


Thank you all for your help and suggestions.  I hope this info helps someone else in the future.






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