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NOWTV Broadband



I've just ordered NOWTV Broadband. I've currently been with Virgin for 3 years and the virgin router has been located in my front room. I have an engineer visit planned with NOWTV/Openreach. I do have one socket in the kitchen of my flat but I'm concerned if it has to stay there the signal will be terrible to the front room where my main devices are e.g. Smart TV, PS4 etc...

When I'm currently in the kitchen now, the signal goes really bad.


So really my main question is, can I have for the socket placed somewhere else in the property. I don't mean exactly, just somewhere closer to the front room. If not I've looked at extenders but I'm not tech savy with those. 


it might end up being alright and the virgin router might just be crap. I'll just see what happens after setup. 

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@Anonymous User is the socket in the kitchen your master socket? Normally, master sockets are in hallways near the front door.


You can have a master socket moved but it costs £130+. You can move it if you know how, or you could find an independent engineer who'll move it but if it goes wrong, you'll get more cost to repair it.


If you do have it moved, there's no guarantee that it would be a nice tidy job with cables hidden in walls. More often than not, it's just cables over door ways and along skirting boards.


The alternative will be an extension from the master socket. They'll essentially run a cable to the front room and put a wall socket on the wall for you. Again, more cables over doors and skirting and the cost of the call out etc.


Nowtv should (emphasis on should) be able to arrange both of those but past experience says they'll tell you to call BT who'll tell you to call Now and you'll go around in circles.


I had a similar problem and although not ideal, I ran an extension cable under my carpet next to the grips from the hallway to the lounge.