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NOW Hub2 wifi is poor, anyone know how I can setup and use my previous Plusnet Hub?

My new service has gone live but the Hub2 wifi coverage is really poor, anyone know how I can setup and use my previous Plusnet Hub? Help or instructions would be really appreciated? Thanks

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@Magic it can bee done but you will need to set the Plusnet router as an ap.


What plusnet router is it?


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And further to this, I have done this with a Plusnet Hub One, while it can do wifi  my main motivation was / is for ethernet .

 I can post the instructions if needed, if you dont want them then doing so would be a waste of time


@chilli2 Hi that would be really useful. I have the Plusnet Hub 2 thou? Many thanks

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OK, you will need:

an ethernet cable - one hsould have come with the plusnet router as well as the line cable.

 A PC or laptop with an ethernet socket.

Factory re-set the plusnet router and wait for it to re boot

 On the laptop( or PC )  turn off wifi and connect the plusnet router to your laptop

open a web browser on the laptop and go to the config page ( )

Go to Advanced Settings\My Network\IPv4 Configuration or home network , and change the default ip address to then save/apply this setting

your connection to the plusnet  router will go dead as you need to connect to its new IP which is

You will then need to re log into the plusnet router and turn off and/or disable DHCP /DHCP server

On the plusnet router turn off the firewall and UPNP  usually located on the advanced/firewall settings .

 If you want you can change the wifi network names and passwords for the wifi form the router.

re-boot the plusnet router and plug it into the now router via ethernet

you should now get wifi from the plusnet router, however it will have  nasty annoying flashing light which can not be disabled.

 For wifi its an ungainly solution , and as said I have done this mainly for ethernet and because i can, there are better solutions such as replacing the now router entirely or using a dedicated stand alone network switch


I need to try that too, thank you


Thanks but it didnt work, I changed all the settings you suggested to no avail

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If you follow the instructions it has to work.

What you are trying to do is use the PlusNet router as an access point. To do this the two routers have to be connected by their LAN ports. Is that what you did?

Try googling "use old router as access point", you should find lots of help.

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iously the plusnet router will site behind the Now router and they will both be connected via ethernet , with the DSL socket being un used on the plusnet router.

 If you are struggling at this stage, i would suggest that you get a stand alone device/compatible router to replace the Now hub2 entirely

 dont forget that there may be a save / confirm settings prompt to click on