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NOW Broadband not available in my area

I am looking to change my broadband over and found NOW deals the other day and was able to go through to the payment part but wanted to wait so it was closer to my end date of existing broadband.

When I check my coverage now, it says it's unavailable in my area... is this a website fault? As I'd like to go with NOW and impossible to speak to a human over the phone.


Sometimes availability changes due to the limited number of connections at the local cabinet. Call the broadband support team on 0800 759 1213 and see if they can advise further. 


As well as the cabinet may be full as mentioned in the above post Openreach have started moving people onto Fibre internet as opposed to copper based services.


Now broadband do not ( currently) offer Fibre based internet service products, only copper based products that are being phased out .

 The way people are being moved off copper and onto Fibre is by the means of openreach declaring all copper based connections on an exchange to be  "Stop sell" this means internet service providers will no longer be able to sell copper based services, only Fibre


For the end user such as you and me, this means that you will no longer be able to move to another copper based provider, only Fibre , and as now dont do fibre then you will not be able to move to now.


See here to see if your exchange is on the list:


Also here: