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NOW Activation delay- No contact from NOW or Openreach

My broadband was supposed to go live on 1st August.. After set up I’ve got no green internet light. First call to NOW said to wait and it would come on.. Second call said on my account the delay is due to a “missed appointment” yet no one from NOW or Openreach have contacted me about anything. Third call to NOW, assured the issue has been escalated and I’m to wait for an email from Openreach. Made sure to double check email and phone number details in case I was missing anything but all correct. Still waiting for any contact from anyone? It must be a line fault but why is no one contacting me about it? Do I need to contact Openreach directly?? 

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You can't contact OpenReach directly. NOW are set up as the middle man.

Keep calling is all I can say.

This might give you some consolation.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help