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I have the Now broadband as well as the Now TV. There must be a problem with my internet. Myself and my partners phones have trouble connecting to the wifi. The wifi on our computers are super slow and our Now TV is always cutting off with 'No Signal'... we cant watch one TV programme without being cut off.

We have the Sky Cinema package, Entertainment and Sky Sports....the sky sports hardly ever works. The screen keeps going black and cutting off during live football games. 

I have tried calling a few times to speak to someone about this and cant seem to get through. I have been on hold for the last 40 minutes and have now been rudely cut off.

Could you please provide me with a solution or tell me how much is it to leave the contract so i can go to better internet supplier.


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Same here.

No broadband

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Hi @Anonymous User @Anonymous User

I lost my nowtv internet the other week, tried a soft power reboot and pressing the reset button on the back of the router with no joy.

Decided to leave the power off on the router for about 25 minutes and hey presto the internet came back to life as soon has i switched on the power again after the router went through it's routine checks.

Might have been a coincidence, but worked for me.

You can contact the nowtv broadband team by signing into your account on here and select My Account > "Broadband & Calls, where if you click on the section under moving home a helpline telephone number should appear on screen to call.

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Same, I only had mine set up yesterday and it kept dropping out