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Mysterious outage that never was

So for 2 days I’ve been seeing on the online service checker that there a serious problem affecting  my area and that it was being dealt with. After seeing this too many times on the first day I called the 0800 number listed and heard a recorded announcement saying that there was still a problem affecting telephone and broadband, this time I stayed on the call after speaking to a support person I was put through to another person who informed me that there was indeed a problem in my area and that BT Openreach were dealing with it. The following day (today) was the same, so I called again only to be told the same again. I also called a neighbour at the other end of the street who like me has nowtv and he has the same amber light issue. Getting to this evening and I’m getting annoyed so I check again and thank goodness the revised announcement on the nowtv helpline tells me there was an issue but now it’s been solved! But it hasn’t !! So I go through to technical support only to be told that there hasn’t been a technical fault locally recently and that they need to book out an engineer and that it’s going to take another 3 working days and oh yes, if it still doesn’t work to call back AGAIN!!!!  So I begin to complain that I’ve already waited 2 days and I’m again told that there hasn’t been any issues . The lady then asked me where I heard of this fault, I tell he it’s mentioned when you call in, she denies it.

So both me the the only other fool that I know that has  NOWTV   Broadband still have no service and it looks like it’s going to stay that way till maybe next week. Personally I’m looking to cancel tomorrow but my question is this 

are the NOWTV  support desk incompetent or are they simply lying so as not to break their SLA ?   Anyone?