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My WIFI Signal is poor

I have been with NOW BB for just a few weeks and now that the BB signal has settled down I am happy with the speed I am receiving if connected to the router by ethernet. The Wifi signal in the same room as the router gives a good signal and the download speed is good. However, as soon as I move to any other room the Wifi signal is poor with a 70% reduction in download speed and at the top of the house it is non-existent. With my previous internet provider (talktalk) the wifi signal was good all over the house. I have tried changing the router wifi channel but it does not make a difference.


Do NOW BB provide Wifi extenders to make sure I can get wifi all around my house?



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Looks like I have the same problem.  


My particular problem is with calls using Wifi mobile phones.  The signal drops off and only improves when I'm back on the same floor as the router. As you say, need to know if Wifi boosters available? 



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