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Loss of streaming quality

While watching Now TV earlier all was fine then halfway through what I was watching, even with Boost, stream quality dropped to 218, a really awful picture. Can anyone offer a suggestion how to rectify this.

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What device are you using?

What troubleshooting have you done on your end? 

  • Delete and reinstall app?

  • Unplug device and router for a few minutes?
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Currently use Now TV on an Amazon Fire TV box. Same problem used to occur
when I had it originally as an app on my old LG TV. After installing Now
onto the Amazon box had no problems until last night. Thanks for your
suggestion, will give that a try.
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Hi @KM1 

Is the streaming quality dropping all the time since it happened or only on a small number of occasions?

What about other streaming sites ?

If it's only happening once or twice then it might be a blip on your Broadband feed or an issue NOW end with the server sending the content feed.

Should it be a regular occurrence and you internet is stable, then I would temporary try something like Google DNS on your Fire TV box and LG Smart TV to see if there is any improvement.



This is the first occasion for a while. All other streaming apps are okay.
Watched a TV show a short time ago and all was okay. Will keep an eye on it.