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Line disconnected from telegraph pole

How can I speak to a human rather than automated service. Have vulnerable person in home with no phone / broadband as the phone line has disconnected from the telegraph pole outside house.  He can not call as he has no phone line, and he has Covid so I can not go round there either. He has an elderly assistance system which is not working as there is no phone line….. not a straight forward query. So need to speak with someone but everything is automated.  I requested an engineer visit but have not had anything back…

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Hi @TMorr 


Here's the telephone number for the NOW Broadband Team in the link page below. 


The only stumbling block is every time i had to phone them on behalf of my elderly Father, my Dad had to be present when i phoned to give NOW Broadband authorisation that i could speak to them on his behalf.


Give the number a ring to see if there is a way around this.

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As long as you can answer any security questions, there is no way they will know if it you or your dad. (unless you tell them)

Sometimes you just have to bend the rules a little.