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I’ve moved house and set up to take now tv broadband with me but my first installation date got cancelled to the week after then after this when the engineer came he said should take about half hour to work, lied as when I rang the day after because it wasn’t working he had to arrange for another engineer to come the week after and do more work this visit was supposed to be yesterday. Broadband still not working and been told that the work won’t be done until the 18th nearly a month after the original install date!! During this time now tv have not made any effort to give me this info I’ve had to relentless try get through to them to find this out!!! I was wondering if I would have to pay a fee etc if I cancelled and went with someone else for my broad band?? 

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Hi @RobynVear 


I would have thought because NOW haven't offered you a live service on the promised date that you would be in a position to cancel without penalty to go elsewhere.


Maybe this linked help article will give you some pin pointers. 


Though if you are going with another ISP over the BT infrastructure, the same problem and delay might be encountered.


if it was me i would give the NOW Broadband Team a call using the telephone number on the link page below to discuss your options about staying or leaving without any penalties.