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Landline Numbers

Does my Landline have functions like 1471 and 141 - like BT had for last number and hiding my number on out going calls?

I've an old style dial telephone for use with the Landline, so I can't see who is calling, although the most recent incoming calls have all been from some sort of call centre or another?

Only Parent's have our number and we've not given it to anyone else, most calls are on our mobiles and we have a physical phone as a decorative piece - having a phone number was free with our Broadband package - I call it the hotline, Bat Phone etc. It's a red old style BT dial phone!

I also thought that guests would be put off asking to use our phone because they'd have to dial 11 numbers manually much like we did as teenagers from phone boxes in the 80s and 90s, before most people had a mobile...

Elite 3

Why not just try and see?

But a quick google search finds:

What phone extras or call features can I get? (