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Internet's dropping several times a day



Lord knows how I get in touch with NOWTV so I thought I'd try here. I moved into my new place about five months ago and everything with the internet has been fine up until about three weeks ago.


The internet drops several times a day and it means that I am unable to work. I need to be connected to the internet at ALL times or my work becomes useless and it ends up causing a tonne of issues. It drops in the morning, during the day, at night, whenever.


I did some troubleshooting when it first started and on the diagnostics page (IT JUST DROPPED WHILE I'M WRITING THIS SENTENCE!!!!!) they said there was an issue in the area and they would send out an engineer (though they wouldn't need to get in touch with me).


That obviously didn't work, so I called them up the other day and they said that I should do a hard reset on my router. That did nothing because after about two hours, my internet dropped again.


Frankly speaking, at this point, I'm getting sick of it and I'm either a) going to look into getting a refund because this is a complete and utter joke at this point or b) simply cancel my contract (NOWTV are breaking their side of the contract at this point because I'm paying for nothing) and find someone else to go with.


If this isn't sorted out soon, I will be taking further action.


@Anonymous User 


We’re just customers like you here 😢


I’d give you the number for Now Broadband, but as you said you have called them, I guess you have it.


Having said which, it certainly shouldn’t keep dropping all the time; have you asked Now for a replacement router? I had a BT line that kept dropping every few hours, and Openreach tried all sorts of things in vain, even resiting the master socket, to no avail, until I insisted on a new router. After which, it dropped maybe once every three months, which was rather more acceptable.


But if that doesn’t improve things, then there isn’t really any better thing you can do; you could talk to Live Chat, or email customerservices @ (lose the spaces) or maybe try to embarrass Now on their Twitter feed, but nothing beats talking direct to the Broadband team; so if that is unsatisfactory, it’s hard to know what to do next.


It’s all compounded by Now, as a Local Loop Unbundler, being very much in the hands of BT Openreach; and if there is a problem in your area, even if it is just on your line, then broadband from anyone else would be coming over the same unreliable cabling you have now. So unless you think the problem is at Now’s end, changing suppliers may not do any good, unless you get whole new cabling into your property, e.g. BT Superfast Fibre.


The other thing I always point out is that Now is domestic broadband; if you want 24/7 always on for business use, Now isn’t it. Still shouldn’t drop that often, though.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.