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Internet keeps dropping

New property so had an OpenReach engineer doa fresh install with all the wiring into the property on 6 December.


Ever since then, the internet will drop out (green light on the Now TV Hub goes off) and whether it be wired or wifi we get no internet for approx 1 minute - 5 minutes. After that, the internet light flashes orange and eventually comes back online at a reduced line speed, usually around 35 Mbps (down from about 80 Mbps).


I've had multiple OpenReach engineers out to the property and run checks on everything...they can see the connection drops but cannot tell where the issue is. Although they seem confident it is not to do with the external wiring.


I'm on my send Now TV Hub, not 10 minutes after installing it I get another internet drop.


I've tried all of the troubleshooting with the Now TV broadband call centre people e.g. splitting the 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels to no avail.


In terms of interference, I have a TV, Chromecast, and PS4 on the same tv cabinet. I switch all of those off and I still experience the same dropouts of internet.


Other than that, I have a laptop, and 1 mobile phone that are connected to the wifi.


What is left to try here?

  • A third Now TV Hub?
  • a full relay of the lines into the house by another engineer?



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Is this a new build sorry if I’ve picked you up wrong?


Sounds like you’ll need to give the broadband team another to discuss your options. Could maybe reach a point to move provider? 
As I’m a customer with BT for my broadband, but only TV memberships for NOW.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Thanks @gavs82008 and the property is fully refurbished in an existing building.


The original OpenReach engineers ran new cables in through the window frame and installed a new master socket.


The latest engineer visited me today - spent a very long time testing internal and external - can see the internet drops, but no idea where the issue is and suggested it is likely a router issue or something inside the property.


Guess I will try to request a third router from Now TV.



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Ouch that sounds like “fun” could be another fault with the router from NOW.


Definitely keep the other providers card layes out just in case! 

Hope you get it sorted bud.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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That really doesn't sound like a router/Hub fault, almost certainly a line problem.


Yip, that's what I think, but no engineer can find any issue? The latest OpenReach engineer was really nice and he's offered to come back himself on Dec 30th to relay all the lines into the house himself.


I also spoke to a really nice guy at NOW TV call centre and he has agreed to apply for £15 compensation.

He also said he's seen similar problems in the past with other customers and there just isn't a way around it and that we may need to change providers LOL.




I think you need to involve the management company for the building; what might be cycling on and off to cause this, such as a communal heat pump or similar?


And have your mains checked also, see if that blips.


You might want to try putting your router on one of those anti-surge extender multi-way plugs, clean up the mains it is getting, in case there is noise on it.


I’m rather taken aback that Now would throw their hands up and suggest you might move to a different provider, though. I think this might be a downside, even for Now, of insisting on Now customers using the rather restricted Now router, which may have some issues in these circumstances, where a different make or model of router could be configured to work rather better. Or might even work rather better straight out of the box….

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