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Internet drops out all the time

So I had consistent issues with my broadband connection since installation on 6 December 2021 until now. We had a 9th engineer visit today on a particularly bad day for internet drop outs. He saw critical errors on his handheld machine, but after testing all the lines found no errors as usual. He went to lunch and my internet dropped again, so he finally decided to do a "lift and shift" at the connection box down the road on to new "equipment"...after almost 8 weeks, i now have a steady connection, and no further drop outs or speed reductions. Not holding my breath, but this is the best progress with my issue since 6 December 2021. 


Posting this in case it helps someone else that experiences the same issue as no one at Now TV nor 8 OpenReach engineers could find the issue or wanted to spend the time fixing it.

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I had the same problem when I joined my current ISP.

What worries me is do they report the fibre port as faulty and mark it as such, or just wait for the next subscriber to connected to it.