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Internet connection keeps dropping out on Now Hub 2 router

Hi, I have had Now broadband for several years with  no problems. However, over the last week my router regularly loses it's internet connection. The phone line is fine & works all the time.

I have tried a different Now broadband router, that is known to be working & a new filter but neither solved the problem with the internet connection dropping out. Note the Wifi from the router is working okay. I have done the technical check from my Now broadband account & it says 'Everything looks Good'. Also line speed checks report the download/upload speeds are okay when connected. Ive even checked the two wire connections into the  master socket & found them secure/okay.

Has anyone else has recently had this problem & what did you do to stop your internet connection dropping out?

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Sounds like a fault on the line somewhere. Best to call the broadband team using the number from the link below.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

the middle orange internet light right? I am having the same issue, did anything come from it for you?