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Internet Cuts Out Every 5 Minutes (Orange Light)

I ordered my Dad Now Broadband. He's not the most tech savvy and I live in Australia - so I can't help much.

A technician didn't need to come (unfortunately). My Dad set it up fine though, and got his phone and Chromecast stick on the network.

Unfortunately it kicks him off every 5 minutes. He remains connected to the network but with no internet access. The orange light comes on the router, flashes then goes green again. However it'll repeat in 5 minutes later and the process repeats.

The NowTV technical checks also quote a download speeds of 0.5 Mbps, and says this is good. That is not good. For starters we pay for 4.5-9.8 Mbps (guaranteed 3.3 Mbps). And secondly this is very slow. The upload speed is faster!

After a week it's still an issue. There's only so many times he can turn it off/on again, or unplug/replug in wires, or move the router around.

Is this common? Does a technician need to be checking the line out? Or are faulty Hub-2s common? I'm paying for this service and NowTV aren't providing an acceptable service. The only other thing I can think of is adjusting the router settings, but this is way beyond his tech level and shouldn't be necessary.

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@Anonymous User 

Using the link below you can check your line to see if it gives any information. What about doing a factory reset to the router (see below link for instructions on how to do it?

If all that fails call the broadband team using the number from the below link.

It certainly does seem like either a fault somewhere on the line or you've been given a duff router.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Yes, it definitely sounds like it will need an Openreach engineer to check the line.

Those speed are horrific, is he on Brilliant Broadband (ADSL) or Fab Fibre (VDSL)?

To see what speeds OpenReach believe the line to be capable of check here:

BT Broadband (

For information on broadband speeds look here:

Broadband download and upload speeds explained (