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Internet Constantly Cutting Out for Months Now

A while ago (a few months now) my neighbour got broadband fitted (I don't know which provider they use) and ever since then my internet cuts out constantly. 


The cutting out happens at least a few times a day and is worse after 3 p.m.


My internet isn't suitable for use. I spend all my time trying to reconnect it. 


I've tried twice now submitting a complaints form to NOWTV, but that was weeks ago and I've never had a reply. 


Please can anyone help. 


Thank you. 

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Your best shout is to call the broadband using the number in the link below.


Ask for full investigation including the main line feeding yours just in case.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Is the WIFI cutting out? Are conections over ethernet working, or is it the internet (router losses connection)?


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As @chilli2  says we would need to know more than just "cutting out", for instance are the LEDs on the router all staying green?


I haven't looked at the lights on the router when it happens, to be honest.
I'll check next time it happens.

I would think some of the lights would be red because on my phone, when it
happens, I get a NOWTV webpage that says "let's fix the problem" and then
takes me through removing the cable from the router and plugging it back

Thank you.

Good question.

I'm not sure because I'm not very technical.

What happens is, the internet stops working on all devices e.g. laptop,
phone, TV and I get an NOWTV error message saying I'm not connected to the
wifi. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes and several attempts to reconnect
before I get back on the internet again. Then minutes later I get the error
message again and on and on it goes like that...


Thank you.
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Try running a line test from the link on this page: Fix slow broadband (

But also give Now a call on the number here: How to make a complaint (


I’ve got nigh on exactly the same issue I’ve had Now a month now and from day one it’s been a complete nightmare firstly I can’t link the broadband to my account I just got the same error it’s been with the back room team for over a month with no reply so I can’t check services do a line test etc as well According to my account I don’t have BB…




Ive had two open reach engineers visit they done line checks and diagnostics and there is no fault on the line,Now tell me that there must be as my internet wired and Wi-Fi wouldn’t just drop for no reason….Openreach says it is Now so now are sending a new router…I won’t hold my breathe as to getting a fix I can see my time with Now being very short lived Today it has been off for over three hours then it comes back on now it is off again I seriously give up

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It could be a fault with the lines out with of your property line. Ask for investigation of the lines feeding your line.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help