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Internet CONSTANTLY dropping!

I work from home permanently and almost every single day my internet drops. I cannot survive without my job! There is no way to contact NowTV (I have a disability and am not able to make phone calls) and seemingly no way to fix the problem. I have been messed around with installation, payments, refused refunds while I had no internet for an entire month...!

This company has an awful service, with help inaccessible to people with certain disabilities. Why does my internet drop so frequently? Why am I paying for a service that I can't use for collectively up to 2 days every month? Surely that means I'm paying for no service up to 6% of the time?! It certainly NEVER meets the guaranteed speeds I was promised, at the very least it should work without dropping connection literally every single day?! The middle light often turns off or sits on orange, turning it off and on again doesn't fix it, I just have to wait it out until it decides to work again. Because of the inability to contact, I'm at a loss. If the service doesn't improve, I'll have to switch providers before I lose my job.

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Re: Internet CONSTANTLY dropping!




Hey Working-Man


First, I'm very sorry to read about your ongoing problems, as a former working man myself, now retired, I'm well aware of the frustrations felt when obstacles are put in your way that prevents you from "earning an honest crust".


Second, this is primarily a customer led forum with the boys and girls from NOW only popping in occasionally, and even then they may not see your post.


And finally, email NOW at the following:

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg

You may get the answers and solutions you are after.


Good luck.



UK Bob



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