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Intermittent Connectivity Issues in Reading



Throughout last week we experienced intermittent connectivity issues in Reading (RG6). All devices attached to our router (via wire or wireless) would lose their Internet connection. After about 5-10 minutes, without us changing anything, it'd come back up. I'm working from home during the pandemic, and it's really frustrating! So many truncated meetings where I lost my connection. I've tried resetting my router several times.


I just started work this morning, and it's happened again already. Is this a general problem that's being worked on?



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Hi Paul,


You're not the only one. Having the same issues in Sheffield as well. Intermittent last week and intermittent again this morning. I'm hardwired into the router so it's not a wireless issue. Let's hope this gets resolved soon.



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Same issue in Southampton for a month now, I'm pulling my hair out. I've posted another thread about it just now, and I see several other messages with similar or identical problems. Is there something bigger scale going on with NowTV? BT engineers have found no problems with my line and the customer service don't really seem to take me seriously or be able to progress the issue further.


Very frustrating.