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Interference with Energy Smart Meter

I am considering having an energy smart meter installed but have heard they can cause WiFi interference. Has anyone experienced any problems with the NOW Broadband Hub Two and NOWTV Stick or any other device after having a smart meter installed?

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@HopeItsWorthIt Never had any problems with my smart meter and wifi. Smart meters use one of the mobile networks (mine uses Vodaphone) to contact the electricity supplier. And the connection to the display, if you have one, is low-powered.


This is interesting, we had an energy smart meter fitted on Friday. However when watching a film Sunday on the Roku app and last night on NOW TV movies, I had buffering and connection issues. I have the black box and occasionally do get buffering. Maybe this was a coincidence and my Internet was having problems on those nights. I'll keep my eye on it and see what happens. 



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@PhilipB82 As I said earlier, I’ve not had any problems. And that’s with the smart meters (electric and gas) being about 10 feet from the router. Also between the two is a Philips Hue hub (controlling 22 Hue lights) and a bunch of smart plugs. That’s a shed load of gear using the 2.4GHz band. Yet still no interference. 

One household device known to cause interference is a microwave, especially if it getting a bit old. Fluorescent lights can also cause interference. 

From what I have read the smart meter hub can take some time to find a channel with the least traffic. When it does there should be no interference. But I have read of problems with a minority of people getting interference even after this settling down period.