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Immediate instalment or compensation

To Whom It May Concern,

Hi, this is Haeyeon Youn, WC1H 0HA, flat 1 Endsleigh Court Upper Woburn Place. 
I just received the email about re-booking my appointment and contacted one of your staff through a call yesterday and today; and I really cannot believe how terrible your service is. 
Basically, your wifi instalment should be completed by last Friday (7th January). This was our original contract and this was what I've known. But last Friday, one guy visited my flat and he said that it's out of his ability, so some specialists should come over to my room and install it. He said that it will be completed at least 10 or 11th January, and before that, they'll contact me to arrange the time. 
However, no contract from your company, so I contacted you first before you contacted me. and one of your staff said that it will be completed by this Friday at the latest. But I received this email yesterday night, and it made me so upset. 
I called this number again, and this time, another staff member said that the latest date is 24th January. What's going on the earth? I wouldn't choose your company if I knew that you can install this wifi after 5 weeks since I ordered it. I AM SO UPSET AND FEEL DISRESPECTED FROM YOUR SERVICE.  
You know what? I've spent more than 40 pounds for my personal hotspot while waiting for your instalment. I've been waiting more than 3 weeks and now I have to wait more than 2 weeks for this mere wifi; and you just messed up all of my life because I have my life and a lot of my work requires wifi and I could barely do it with my little stupid personal hotspot. 
Whenever I talk with one of you, why do we keep saying "sorry but please understand our situation", even though you never understood my situation? Have you ever respected me as your customer? I am not using your service for free, but I am paying for your service and wifi. I should be respected, and I've even understood your whole situation nicely; but how much more do you want me to wait for your work sitting like an idiot? 
So far, other broadband companies have offered me better offers than you, but I've declined it as your brand is where my friend recommended. But it is you who first broke the original contract and relations. Whatever happened, you should prepare for it before something happens; and if you didn't prepare yourself well, you should IMMEDIATELY fix it if you truly respect me.  
I'm sick of waiting for your service, but I am not gonna cancel it because I am not the one who did make a mistake or fault, but it is you who should fix everything. 
What I want you to do is either install the wifi within this week, or give me the appropriate amount of compensation. Otherwise, I'll keep calling and emailing you because I am so disappointed in your company. 
Haeyeon Youn,
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@Anonymous User 

This is a customer forum, so you should not be placing any forum of personal details including address information. 

Anyone posting on here are fellow customers like yourself. So all we can do is wish you luck and hope you get it sorted.


You are best to call the broadband team to get anything resolved.

How to submit your complaint:

  • Give us a call on 08007591213 to speak directly to a NOW advisor.
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help