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ITV Hub problem

Hi there. 

I have been unable to access ITV1 on the ITV hub for the past couple of days and my wife is missing her dose of Coronation St! I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times but nothing happens. Has anyone else experienced any problems with it lately?




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Scholar 2

Mine worked for one day then stopped again. I've asked NOW & ITV & just get the usual reboot & reload advice which doesn't work.


I've loaded catchup apps on my phone and cast to my TV using Google Chromecast and will be ditching NOW TV if they can't fix it.


Using Google Chromecast gives me access to more apps than NOW. e.g. Dplay for Quest channel.


One thing you could try is loading STV Player on your NOW box. Some of the ITV programmes (but not all) are available on STV catchup.

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How did you solve the problem,  when l access ITV hub all l get are six flashing dots


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I had to cancel hub and start it again