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INC2041510 - wrwken - capacity Reported on: 22 Dec 2021, 08:15am

PROBLEM 1) NowTV tel number voicemail asking me to press keypad for options, it has been unresponsive when I call on my mobile phones for the past year +. When will this be rectified as it has been an ongoing issue for too long


PROBLEM 2) Slow broadband since yesterday 21 Dec. Asked NowTV twitter team and advised to check online diagnostics. Technical check has the following (based in the W14 postcode): 

INC2041510 - wrwken - capacity

Reported on: 22 Dec 2021, 08:15am


What does this mean and when can we expect resumption and business as usual?

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This is a user forum, so nobody can tell you how long resolution to your problems will be.

For the "press button" problem, is it possible that the phone isn't producing DTMF tones and that is why it is unresponsive. 

For the other query it seems the automated test has found capacity problems at the West Kensington (WRWKEN) Exchange, and reported them. I imagine INC2041510 to be the case number. (no I don't know what capacity problems are either)