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Hub settings to limit screen time per device (MAC or IP address)

I'd like to be able to limit some device access to the internet at the NowTV Router Hub.  

Example....stop kids playing on ipads beyond x o'clock.


Having had a peak into the Hub settings, I was hoping that it would be a simple thing to click on a device and set up some 'rules' for it....but it really wasn't that obvious. (Sadly I didn't find any QoS to regulate device priorities either...)


I can set static IP's for the devices that I would like to 'manage'. 


Does anyone have a simpleton's guide to setting time rules, eg no internet access between 10pm and 7am to share?


Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Having no kids in the house myself, this is something that i haven't looked into on my NOW Hub 2 Router settings.


Where i don't know if this similar linked thread below helps or not.