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How to give printer static IP address?

I have a printer which is connected by Ethernet port.  When I turn on the printer, it has some default IP address (not on my network). I can't print documents, as it says printer is off-line. I have to unplug the printer network cable from the router, and then re-connect it, and it then picks a valid IP address.


I contacted the printer company, who said, I can give my printer a static IP address. However, how can I do the same on the router, so they both have the IP address? (Or can I get away without doing anything on router?).






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Hi, @Hyper1 

Not knowing which router you have, I can only give general advice.


On one of the settings pages, there should be settings for the IP range assigned by the router. Further down the page there is usually somewhere you can add a list of reserved IP addresses. Add your printer name,  IP address, and MAC address there.


I have the Now Hub Two.



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You can get away without doing any thing to the router. If you log into the router and check the start and end IP addresses of the DNS server, you can then give the printer a static address outside of those.