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How long does it take to get broadband and calls set up.

My Broadband and phone line where supposed to be put in on the 5th January and the internet worked for the first day. The engineer informed me someone would connect my phone line in the morning. I got a phone call at 15:15 on January 6th from a different engineer informing he was working on it and would text me once it was done. I called customer service at 18:05 as my internet had been out the full day, they informed me that my internet would be back up and running no later than 12am. I don't care about the landline because I won't be using it. I just want my internet up and running. I've already used over 45G of data whilst wanting from mid December to get my hub and have an engineer out. So my question is how much longer will I have to wait.

Elite 3

Unfortunately no one on the forum can answer your query. we are just consumers like you.

Try calling Now on the number in the link below, they may be able to give you more advice.