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How do I know if I need an Engineer to install Broadband? (And other issues).

I'm moving into an old house next week and have just ordered broadband from Now. It's not going great.

Already, I've been told that the internet and phone are going live a day later than promised, and they've mucked up my billing details (they automatically registered my billing address as the house I've bought the internet for, not my current address) which I can't seem to change online (it wont accept that my current address is named, not numbered). So it's not all that promising so far; the feeling is I can't really trust Now to get anything right.

My real worry is that the house I'm moving into will need an engineer to install the broadband box. Now automatically seem to know that my house is ready to go. I am very doubtful.

So my question is: how should I know that my house is ready for Now Broadband without the need of an engineer visiting?

Champion 2

Are you already the owner of the "old house?" In which case that is where your billing and service address should be. Any delays are likely to be on the part of Openreach.

Elite 3

All you need for the install is a working BT/Openreach line. Most houses (even old ones) have that.