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How do I find out my password for my broadband. I have a new phone and can’t log in without the pass

I can’t open my new phone without the password for now broadband! And I don’t know it! How can I locate it please?



Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Cthornton

I am assuming you mean the WiFi password on the Router.

If so, have you flipped the NOW Router over and underneath the bottom of the Router there should be a label including the default Network name and password. 

Elite 2

Wifi password - should be on a bit of paper than came with the router, on the bottom of the router, and is you connect via ethernet you should be able to find it in the router settings.

If you have the old device/phone then you should be able to share the password etc from it to other devices, usually under wifi settings and then the network name

If you are using your own router that is compatable with Now/Skys MER /option 61 log in  to connect instead of the now router, and the router will not connect to the line, then try username:   abcdefgh(at symbol) nowtv   Password:1234567890abcdef